Are you doing the following?

  • Enforcing multifactor authentication
  • Implementing single sign-on
  • Implementing biometric authentication
  • Consolidating identity stores into a single directory
  • Conducting periodic access review for administrative and privileged users
  • Limiting access for remote identities to just the applications or systems they immediately require
  • Governing access through time-bound and temporary privileged access
  • Automating role-based provisioning and deprovisioning to apps and infrastructure
  • Automating mobile app provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Automatically deprovisioning privileged users access rights in high-risk environments when they terminate
  • Implementing least-privilege access for administrators
  • Centrally controlling access to shared and service accounts
  • Eliminating shared administrative accounts
  • Managing privileged access at the granular command or app level
  • Actively monitoring all privileged sessions and commands
  • Recording all privileged sessions and commands

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