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With a cloud-hosted virtual identity server (VIS), you gain access to a single, real-time view of data from any store through a universal directory. This virtual directory creates an abstract view of the back-end data from various applications without altering it. It works for every major platform and can even boost performance through search caching and load balancing.

Also called a cloud virtual directory server (VDS), our cloud-hosted virtual directory, the Optimal IdM VIS, is the fastest, most comprehensive solution available and can help provide essential data for transportation and visualization while improving your directory’s infrastructure. A VDS is the most flexible and powerful component for administrative and operational improvements to your universal directory.

The Optimal IdM VIS offers the following benefits:

  • Acts as a universal directory that provides a single, real-time view of identity data from multiple directories.
  • Can be used to enhance directory infrastructure, providing key data transformation and virtualization needs.
  • Allows multiple directories to be joined in real-time, without the need to duplicate LDAP objects.
  • Makes Optimal IdM a one-stop-shop for both a complete Identity Access Management (IAM) platform and virtual directory services.
  • Reduces costs by providing a scalability that continues to grow with an organization’s needs.
  • Provides reporting to help meet audit and compliance initiatives.


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Universal Directories

When companies use multiple directories, user identification data can get scattered across these repositories, making it difficult to deploy enterprise applications to users. With a cloud VDS, you can see all the data from these separate directories in one place. Apps can connect to the VDS, just like another lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP). To the VDS, it looks like an active directory (AD) or active directory application mode (ADAM) server.

The multiple directories can join in real time without duplicating LDAP objects. A VDS merges the data from other LDAPs and structured query language (SQL) databases. Regardless of the source, the calling application will see the data as coming from one LDAP. A cloud-hosted universal directory makes it easy to see these different sources without any duplication. It also accesses sources directly.

Features of Optimal IdM's Cloud Hosted VIS

The Optimal IdM VIS offers many features that enable organizations to work more efficiently and effectively with their existing system.

Virtual Schema

With our cloud-hosted VIS virtual schema, you don’t need to extend the AD schema for third-party applications. The virtual layer stores all custom schema and data, so they get automatically applied instantaneously. Plus, you can apply custom or third-party schema to the VIS, rather than the AD, to make the custom schema less complex. These schemas don’t include any object replication.

Schema Manager

The VIS schema manager allows you to apply data virtually without extending the AD schema for third-party applications. It streamlines the process of simplifying schema across multiple directories. The VIS environment makes it easy to replicate and apply a custom schema. One combined aggregate scheme can cover multiple AD forests for efficient and effective results.

Microsoft Integration

Our cloud-hosted VIS is built on and with Microsoft technology to help integrate and leverage your existing system and infrastructure. It uses .NET managed code to offer all the necessary virtual directory, proxy and LDAP firewall requirements that corporations need.

The Optimal IdM VIS supports:

  • LDAP V3 (secure sockets layer (SSL) and non-SSL), including basic authentication, new technology LAN manager (NTLM) and Kerberos.
  • RESTful Interface.
  • PowerShell Interface.
  • Extensible Interface with full-featured, powerful application programming interfaces (APIs).

Virtual Dynamic Groups

A virtual dynamic group contains members that come from multiple domains or forests, but it doesn’t require the use of forest trusts. Groups can have dynamic membership based on different user attributes.


With horizontal and vertical scaling, the Optimal IdM VIS can meet the growing and versatile needs of an enterprise directory. It includes built-in connection pooling and full support for failover and load balancers.

Why Choose Our Cloud-Based VDS?

When your VDS is cloud-hosted with the OptimalCloud™, you don’t have to take care of any on-site hosting needs. As your private cloud host, we take care of managing towers, so you reap the benefits of less in-house IT demands. You can have a smaller team, and you won’t need to worry about upgrades or maintenance — all of that occurs at the hosting facility.

Plus, your cloud-based VDS is hosted on servers that experts manage. Our staff includes knowledgeable employees who can quickly and efficiently address any issues and keep things moving.

Finally, a cloud-based VDS is even more scalable, since you can use more or fewer resources based on your needs rather than adding new hardware.

The Benefits of a Cloud-Based VDS

There are wide-reaching benefits of a cloud-based VDS, including improvements to your infrastructure, compliance needs and budget. Here are a few advantages.

  • Reduced IT costs: The Optimal IdM VIS increases the value of your Microsoft-based infrastructure, allowing you to leverage your existing investment for improved functionality and capabilities.
  • Easy-to-understand identity management: VIS accesses data at the source and offers multiple data views, including discreet application views for enterprise directory data.
  • Scalability and customization: As your organization’s needs grow, your VDS should grow with it. This cloud-based system can do so, and it offers extensive join and merge options, so you can use custom codes to create the right views for your system in real time.
  • Elimination of deployment barriers: When working with multiple AD forests or directories without forest trusts, new deployments can be challenging. The enhanced application environment of a VDS makes it quick and simple to deploy users without LDAP object replications. It does this by allowing administrators to choose what gets synchronized and joined dynamically.
  • Microsoft integration: The .NET managed code and seamless integration into Microsoft systems give the Optimal IdM VIS exceptional compatibility with existing enterprise directory environments.
  • Audit and compliance features: The Optimal IdM VIS provides unmatched transparency for extensive auditing and compliance with the help of tracking and reports in an SQL server database. Network security also becomes easier, since you can see who logs in, when they do so and what changes they made to the data.
  • Security improvements: The Optimal IdM VIS limits the LDAP application entry points to your AD, so only certain accounts can bind and search your LDAP directory.
  • Rapid deployment time: VIS installs and configures within minutes, so you can get LDAP-enabled applications into your directories quickly and without any complex trusts, agents or connectors, or synchronization necessary.


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