A Complete Cloud Federation & Single Sign-On Solution

The OptimalCloud

Provides multi-factor authentication and authorization from any data store – on-premise or in the cloud.

Cloud-Hosted VIS

Gain access to a single, real-time view of data from any store through a universal directory.

Optimal IGA

Optimal IGA™ manages your digital identities and access rights across your company’s systems.

Cloud Reporting

This provides you with a complete centralized audit trail of all user/group management and application activity.

Optimal Authentication Service™

A hosted RESTful web service that provides customers with the ability to perform various types and levels of authentications.


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Are you ready to move your identity management solutions to the cloud?

Optimal IdM offers a complete cloud federation and single sign-on solution that can securely and efficiently handle the unique identity management needs of your organization. Our cloud solutions take the hassle of management and maintenance off your plate which saves you time and money – freeing up your IT staff to focus on other projects. Optimal IdM is the only provider in the industry that offers a fully private cloud where your sensitive identity data is securely stored and quickly and easily accessed in real-time. No more bulky on-premise deployments or time and money wasted on new hires or training – Let Optimal take care of your identity management needs.


  • Save time and money
  • No costly training or new hires
  • Secure private cloud
  • No drain on your network
  • No management necessary

Optimal’s Cloud Solution

Cloud OnPremise Whitepaper The OptimalCloud is a complete cloud federation and single sign-on solution with thousands of pre-integrated federated applications.

If you would rather retain complete control of your identity data and management, then one of our on premise solutions might be a better option for your business. You can also check out our whitepaper below to help determine what type of solution might be a better fit for your organization.

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Interested in seeing if Optimal IdM’s Cloud Based Identity Management Software is right for you? Request a free trial today!




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