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On-Premise Solutions

officeSo, you are not ready to move to the cloud?

Optimal IdM offers a comprehensive suite of award-winning on-premise identity management solutions that can be completely customized to meet your organizations specific needs. On-premise deployments allow you to remain in control of your data and manage your own security. This is a valid option for organizations who have the dedicated staff, time, money and technical expertise already in place to manage these types of solutions.


  • Retain complete control of your data
  • Secure environment

Cloud OnPremise WhitepaperIf you are looking for a secure solution that you don’t have to manage or store on-site, then of our cloud solutions might be a better fit for you. You can also check out our whitepaper below to see which option might be the best fit for your organization.


Award-Winning On-Premise
Identity Management Software Solutions

Optimal IdM’s
Virtual Identity Server

An extensible platform providing the virtualization and data transformation layer that leverages and extends upon the Microsoft infrastructure.

Extends and enhances the authorization and security model, reducing SharePoint configuration and administration.

Includes an Identity Provider (IP) Security Token Service (STS) that can authenticate users wherever they reside such as: LDAP directories, SQL databases, and multiple Active Directories (without forest trusts)

LDAP Proxy Firewall

Provides not only a more secure environment, but also additional performance capabilities.

Enhances a SharePoint deployment, by providing a powerful new People Picker that both administrators and end users demand.

Extending Office 365 with powerful multi-forest, multi-platform, two-factor authentication and Denial of Service prevention/detection capabilities.

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