There is no need to waste time consolidating data

The OptimalCloud can instantly authenticate and surface identity data from multiple-forests and any identity stores.

web-touchDirectory Integration

The OptimalCloud integrates with our Virtual Identity Server to provide authentication and authorization from any data store (LDAP, Active Directory, database, etc.)  In fact, some of our customers have hundreds of Active Directory forests. We can even provide a blended merged view of a user with data coming from multiple data sources.

Cloud Directory

The OptimalCloud also includes our cloud directory.  The cloud directory is a great place to host your external identities such as customers or partners. You no longer need to manage an on premise directory for these users.  Using the web portal you can easily manage the users, groups, entitlements and more from one easy to interface.

Quick & Easy Deployment

The OptimalCloud is a quick and easy deployment. We provide concierge, “zero config” service, creating the private cloud tenant and installing the on premise software as well.  Your private cloud in days, not months.

Real-Time Sync

If you are in hybrid mode, The OptimalCloud will instantly synch new users that are created on premise quickly and securely to the cloud.  As changes occur to the on premise users and groups, these changes are synched as well.  This insures that The OptimalCloud is always up to date.

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