Seamless Cross-Forest Windows Authentication Module without trusts

The Virtual Identity Server (VIS) allows organizations to rapidly and easily to deploy SharePoint across multiple forests without the need for forest trusts with full Office integration.

Many companies have multiple internal Active Directory forests that do not have any forest trust relationships. There are many valid reasons for separating and isolating these forests. However, this often conflicts with the business need to share and collaborate data across these forests.

The Virtual Identity Server makes this once difficult task, easy to achieve. VIS bridges the gap of these siloed directories. This provides a single enterprise view of these isolated directories, while maintaining the security and control of the existing Active Directory infrastructure.

vis-authentication-modules-2xVIS for SharePoint includes an advanced cross-forest Windows authentication module. This module leverages a user’s existing Active Directory credentials, providing a seamless multi-forest Single Sign-On solution without requiring forest trusts. User’s who are logged into an Active Directory domain are automatically authenticated to SharePoint when accessing the site.

Users who have not authenticated to an Active Directory domain are prompted for a user id and password. This enables organizations to quickly and easily deploy one instance of SharePoint to external and internal users without creating a forest trust or requiring internal users to re-authenticate and full Office integration.

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