Powerful Join and Merge Options

– Without Custom Code

The Virtual Identity Server provides powerful joining and merging options, allowing you to easily present multiple views or a single enterprise view of data existing across multiple siloed directories in real-time. VIS provides sophisticated data transformation and virtualization with the ease of a point and click configuration.

Join & Merge Options of the Virtual Identity Server include:

  • Union Mode- Provides a combination or collection of the objects from all connected source directories.
  • Object Precedence Mode (OP)- Provides an authoritative order at a directory level. For users that exist and are joined in x number of directories always return “this” user object.chat
  • Attribute Precedence (AP) Mode– Provides a merged view of objects (Givenname, SN from Internal directory and sAMAccountName and HealthID from External directory.

The Virtual Identity Server can:

  • Provide a single enterprise view of data across multiple siloed directories
  • Provide a different view of the data on an application by application basis
  • Allow different rights/access to data (i.e. update or read only) on an application by application basis
  • Transform, merge and map data from multiple LDAP directories to a virtual name or namespace