The OptimalCloud can be used as an IDaaS broker for multi-factor authentication and authorization from any data store – on-premises or in the cloud.

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Why The OptimalCloud?

Below are a few of the key features that set The OptimalCloud ahead of the competition as an Identity as a Service software:

  • Affordable flat monthly fee
  • Completely customizable enterprise level solution…Your Cloud, Your Way
  • Private dedicated cloud with servers in data-centers of your choice around the globe
  • Syncing of on premise identities to the cloud is *NOT* required
  • Included support for ALL standards including WS-Federation, WS-Trust, SAML, Shibboleth, OpenID Connect, OAuth2, SCIM & REST
  • Comprehensive cloud solution including self-service password reset, self-registration, delegated administration, complete identity management and one-click workflow approvals
  • Deep OAuth2, OpenID Connect & SAML integrations with developer portal access and complete working projects
  • Granular delegated administration authority that can be tied to users and/or organizations

Features of The OptimalCloud

Integrated with our Virtual Identity Server (VIS), The OptimalCloud is a private or public federated cloud service that provides multi-factor and mobile authentication/authorization from any data store.

Optimal Application Network

The OptimalCloud is pre-integrated with thousands of applications providing seamless, one-click access so that we can seamlessly integrate with your existing environment.

Search our Application Network to find your application today. We have integrated with over 5,000 federated applications and external identity providers that match standards we support. If you do not see the one you are looking for, please let us know so that we can get it added to our network. Applications are added every day.


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Benefits of The Optimal Cloud

Reduced I.T. Costs

The OptimalCloud integrates with our Virtual Identity Server to provide authentication and authorization from any data store (LDAP, Active Directory, database, etc.). and as a private, federated cloud broker, it increases the value of your existing Microsoft environment:

– VIS leverages the existing investment in Microsoft technology, extending it with increased functionality.

– VIS is developed in .NET technology and is designed to seamless integrate with your Microsoft environment.

– VIS is a platform that continues to grow with an organization’s needs.

– VIS has proven solutions for Microsoft applications such as SharePoint and MIIS/ILM.

Eliminate Deployment Barriers

One of the key benefits of using the OptimalCloud IDaaS product is scalability. OptimalCloud scales horizontally or vertically to meet the needs of enterprise deployments. With VIS, it has built-in connection pooling and full support for failover and load balancers. It also has other beneficial features:

– VIS can be placed behind a load balancer (hardware or software) to provide robust failover/redundancy for applications connecting to VIS.

– VIS scales either horizontally or vertically to meet the demanding needs of enterprise deployments.

– VIS offers robust caching options, allowing you to cache objects on a connection by connection basis or even objectclass basis. Objects can have a cache size limit and a time limit or both.

Meet Audit and Compliance Initiatives

The OptimalCloud provides complete IDaaS functionality that can help you answer questions such as:

– Who has logged in and when?

– What changes were made to data and when?

– Who was added to the Administrators group today?

– What changes did “Bob” make?

Directory Integration

There is no need to waste time consolidating data.

The OptimalCloud can instantly authenticate and surface identity data from multiple-forests and any identity stores setting Optimal IdM above most traditional Identity as a Service providers.


Directory Integration

The OptimalCloud integrates with our Virtual Identity Server to provide authentication and authorization from any data store (LDAP, Active Directory, database, etc.). With it, there is no need to waste time consolidating data — The OptimalCloud can instantly authenticate and surface identity data from any Active Directory source, including multi-forest databases and identity stores. In fact, some of our customers have hundreds of Active Directory forests. We can even provide a blended merged view of a user with data coming from multiple data sources.

Cloud Directory

The OptimalCloud also includes our cloud-based virtual directory. The cloud directory is a great place to host your external identities such as customers or partners. You no longer need to manage an on-premise directory for these users. Using the web portal, you can easily manage the users, groups, entitlements and more from one easy-to-use interface.

Quick & Easy Deployment

The OptimalCloud is a quick and easy deployment. We provide complete white glove service, creating the private cloud tenant and installing the on premise software as well.  Your private cloud in days, not months.

Real-Time Sync

If you are in hybrid mode, The OptimalCloud LDAP service will instantly and securely synch new users to the cloud that are created on-premise. As changes occur to the on-premise users and groups, these changes are synched as well.  This ensures the OptimalCloud is always up to date.

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User Management

From our custom entitlements engine to self-service administration, the OptimalCloud offers administrators a complete user management system that includes a robust Delegated Administrative Identity Management system.


Broker Mode

We provide the simple and seamless SSO without the need to synch. Unlike other cloud SSO solutions, we don’t require you to synchronize your users to the cloud.


Compliance & Reporting

With the OptimalCloud data is auditable and trackable.

This provides you with a complete centralized audit trail of all user/group management and application activity. The OptimalCloud includes dozens of reports that provide both high-level dashboard metrics as well as detailed audit reports.

Centralized Audit Trail 

The OptimalCloud tracks and audits all activity. For example, we track failed and successful authentications, all SSO events, all application access, etc.  You can easily see who authenticated, when and to what application.  Reports can be easily filtered to provide the exact data you are looking for.  For example, you can run a report for a given user over the past 30 days, to see exactly what that user has done. Read more

Cloud vs. On-Premise

Understanding costs differences between Identity as a Service (IDaaS) and On Premise Deployments

cloud vs. on premise sso solutions

Usage of the cloud has become more and more prevalent, even for areas that were classically on premise deployments. For example, the cloud Identity as a Service (IDaaS) market has grown substantially over the last few years. A major reason for the cloud adoption is that organizations have started to understand the true costs of maintaining an on premise identity deployment.

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OptimalCloud Deployment Scenarios

Watch this video to learn more about several deployment scenarios for The OptimalCloud.

Cost Comparison – Cloud vs On Premise

When comparing the cost of doing an on premise to our Cloud Identity as a Service offering, your organization will realize a substantial amount of time and money can be saved. Receive a free 3 year cost comparison for cloud vs on premise by contacting us now.

Other Factors To Consider

Lost Revenue Due To Downtime

Information Week shed light on a 2011 study  done by CA Technologies which attempted to provide an estimate of what downtime costs businesses on a broad scale. Of 200 surveyed businesses across the USA and Europe, they found that a total of $26.5 Billion USD is lost each year due to IT downtime. That’s an average of about $55,000 in lost revenue for smaller enterprises, $91,000 for midsize organizations, and over $1 million+ for large companies.

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White Paper: Why Customers Choose The OptimalCloud For Cloud Based SSO

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