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White Paper Zero Trust

There are 14.9 billion raw identity records circulating in the Web’s underground communities—a 71% increase over the previous year.1 Many of these records contain usernames, passwords and other sensitive credential information. The use of stolen credentials has been an underlying cause of nearly one-fourth of all organizational breaches and more than 43,000 successful accesses via stolen credentials. Statistics like these show why organizations need to attain a higher level of identity assurance. Consequently, many organizations are moving toward adopting a Zero Trust security model.

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Video IAM And The Emerging Cloud-First Mindset – A Look At The OptimalCloud

At the perimeter of network security is Identity and Access Management (IAM). If the ability to scale an IAM program due to growth or acquisition is impractical, an organization’s security and financial resources become strained putting pressure directly on IT executives and staff. Scalability and flexibility are fundamentals of both on-premises and cloud-based IAM solutions. Or are they? This webinar will consider these issues and look inside our cloud federation and single sign-on solution offering, The OptimalCloud™. We will also review the following: Criteria for choosing an IAM solution Why move to the cloud – Cloud vs. On-Premise Comparison What exactly is The OptimalCloud The OptimalCloud – Competitive Comparison   Learn More About The OptimalCloud    View Pricing  

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