does my business need cloud security

If you have a business with sensitive information to protect, you may be wondering, “should my business use cloud security?” What distinguishes ‘cloud security’ from ‘on-premise’ security. Cloud security is a term for security technologies that leverage the power of the cloud. These advantages could be based on cloud-scale (ability to immediately provision more units to bear on a problem), pattern recognition (using a form of complex algorithms and/or A.I. to discover some type of intelligence about an alleged attack), identity proofing (ability to verify the digital identity can verify who they are by comparing them to known identities on other trusted external databases and networks), authentication assurance (ability to confirm access to applications/resources based on multiple proofs of who you know, what you possess or who you are), etc.

The identity aspects of cloud security are essential to today’s enterprises, large and small, to mitigate cybersecurity risks of simple usernames and passwords.

How Can I Use Cloud Security Identity Software?

A good cloud cybersecurity identity solution will leverage the infrastructure you already have – instead of layering on another confusing surface of directories, technologies, tools, etc. A good cloud solution uses the power of the cloud – scale, intelligence, verification, multiple external trusted data sources — to bring real-time integrated cybersecurity services into your enterprise. Further, it should do so without affecting employee productivity and without breaking the bank.

Increased Security

Today’s cybersecurity boundaries are not strengthened through merely more firewalls, network appliances, and A.V.; rather, identity is the new boundary – identity is the new firewall!


Identity proofing, lifecycle, authentication and MFA don’t have to be a major project undertaking, nor do they need to be disruptive to your employees. Optimal IdM technologies, like Adaptive Authentication and Authorization, allow for the correct balance between a solid cybersecurity posture and employee productivity. Optimal IdM has commoditized cloud identity security into modules and can deploy them in a few hours for customers to consume at their own pace.

Further, Optimal IdM has concierge services included for every customer. These services include security policy creation, application/federation on-boarding, branding, customization, 24 x 7 x 365 support with a live person and more. This eliminates the need for our staff to be federation experts, or need to learn new tools and concepts. You can literally just collaborate with us and we’ll implement the policies, onboard apps, etc., for you.

Optimal IdM Is the Solution

Optimal IdM is one of the few IDaaS (Identity as a Services) providers that can provide encryption of data in transit and at rest. Unlike other vendors, we don’t need to synchronize identities in another database on-premises, or synchronize them into the cloud. Optimal can also architect your solution so that you control exactly where your data exists – which enables you to conform to regulatory policies. To see how it works, request a free trial.


  • The database in which all of your organization’s sensitive identity data is stored.
  • A digital ledger in which digital transactions are recorded chronologically and publicly.
  • Securely managing customer identity and profile data, and controlling customer access to applications and services.
  • The means of linking a person's electronic identity and attributes, stored across multiple distinct identity management systems.
  • A legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the EU.
  • The policy-based centralized orchestration of user identity management and access control.
  • An authentication infrastructure that is built, hosted and managed by a third-party service provider.
  • A security system that requires more than one method of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify the user's identity for a login or other transaction.
  • A global provider of innovative and affordable identity access management solutions. 
  • Managing and auditing account and data access by privileged users.
  • Tools and technologies for controlling user access to critical information within an organization.
  • An authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials.

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