In last weeks blog post, “Get Out of the Authentication Business (Part 1)” we discussed how managing the authentication process, including protocols, trusts, certificates, assertions, encryption and signing is a tedious and time consuming process. Not only that, but there is an ongoing and growing cost to continue to maintain the infrastructure of a Federation service. You are a cloud application vendor, and I am sure, an expert in your space the same way we are experts in authentication and federation services. Read below to find out why The OptimalCloud is the best solution for your cloud federation and authentication needs.

The OptimalCloud – Your cloud, Your Way

With The OptimalCloud, any cloud based application can deliver their Software as a Service (SaaS) application with the benefit of Single Sign-On (SSO) to their customers without the hassle of dealing with setting up and configuring Federation with each of their customers. With a single Federated trust from the SaaS provider to The OptimalCloud, the cloud application can now provide SSO quickly and easily to all of the applications customers. The OptimalCloud Chart The OptimalCloud is used by some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world.  We are in the Federation business and have been for many years.   Every day we provide a global authentication service for millions of end users across the globe. With The OpitmalCloud:

  • You get a private, dedicated cloud Federated broker for all of your customers
  • You get a custom, private cloud that adapts to your needs instead of you adapting to it
  • You get scaling and growth with NOTHING to do on your side
  • No need to add servers geographically around the globe
  • No need to worry about name mappings
  • No need to upgrade and change certificates for each customer once or twice a year
  • No need to create and manage federated trusts with each and every customer
  • No need to troubleshoot why customers are not federating properly
  • Get your customers up and running quickly, easily and painlessly! – We are Federation experts.
  • Easily support features such as SCIM without having to scale hardware to handle the volume
  • You have one single Federated trust – to The OptimalCloud.
  • You never have to worry about Federation again, lower costs and nothing to manage


Get out of the Authentication Business 

Adding Federation support to both on premise and cloud applications makes perfect sense. It provides your customers with SSO and is all built on open industry standards.  Does it make sense, however, for you to build out an entire global Federation service infrastructure complete with banks of servers, redundancy, load balancing, monitoring, support and maintenance? Optimal IdM does not believe that you want to be in that business.  You are in the business you are in, whether that is cloud based logging and monitoring or a cloud based expense reporting system.  That is why we believe that cloud based application service providers should use The OptimalCloud service for their Federation service.  It is precisely what we do for our global customers who utilize our Federation service so they don’t need to build a complicated, expensive and infrastructure that must be constantly managed and maintained.  They outsource that to us.  It is what we do and we do it very well.

Pricing Model

The OptimalCloud is the only cloud federation and single sign-on solution priced at a flat rate affordable monthly fee which is ideal for large complex enterprise organizations. Anyone dealing with enterprise-level companies knows that a per user, per month fee can quickly add up and makes it difficult, if not impossible to afford.  If you are using an on premise Federation solution, they may charge you a hefty fee per Federated trust.  With The OptimalCloud it is a simple flat monthly fee.  Using a flat monthly fee, the service is affordable, allowing you to offer Single Sign-On to your customers without the expensive cost and headache of building and maintaining an authentication service.


With The OptimalCloud you have a scalable, completely outsourced Federation cloud based system that scales to your needs and allows you to focus on what your business does best.  Bottom line, it makes a lot of sense to add Federation support to your solution, but does it make sense for you to run a Federation service?  Come to The OptimalCloud and turn all of that management over to us, the Federation experts.  Millions of users worldwide depend on our solution for their authentication needs and so should you. View and download the Optimal Cloud for Cloud Based Application Vendors whitepaper today.


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  • A digital ledger in which digital transactions are recorded chronologically and publicly.
  • Securely managing customer identity and profile data, and controlling customer access to applications and services.
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  • A legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the EU.
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