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    1. With advances in modern technology, stealing passwords and hacking into networks is easier than ever. A hacker can crack a four letter, two-digit password in less than a second. More importantly, if your data is not on a completely private server, a breach anywhere on the server could compromise everyone’s data. For instance, single-sign-on company, OneLogin, suffered a massive breach in 2017 that allowed a hacker to go through their infrastructure for seven hours, very likely decrypting customer data along the way. This is why taking advantage of the security benefits of identity and access management is so crucial.

Challenges and Benefits of Identity and Access Management

    1. Discussed in the whitepaper, 

“Beyond The Password: Identity and Access,”

    1.  there are three ways to use

identity and access management

    1. to protect your data:

      • Centralized IAM, where all access decisions are concentrated in one location, be it a physical location or a virtual one
      • Decentralized, where various regional entities make access decisions
      • Federated, where every organization agrees to a common set of standards and procedures for user management
    2. Many entities prefer the federated model because it provides the benefits of a centralized system without putting too much control in one place.

Optimal IdM for Data Security and Identity Access Management

    1. If you’re concerned about breaches affecting your data or the data of your customers and want a reliable identity access management solution, contact Optimal IdM, a global provider of identity and access management solutions. Our


    1. offers a higher level of security than other solutions because our system works without having to sync data, meaning there is no co-mingling of data with other dedicated private servers. Therefore, there’s no chance for breaches in those servers to infect your data repository. To learn more about protecting your data with Optimal IdM, download the whitepaper, “Beyond The Password: Identity and Access” or 

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