PODCAST: How Identity Access Management (IAM) Authenticates Network ConnectionsJeff Bohren, Chief Software Engineer for Optimal IdM, speaks with Byron Acohido from The Last Watchdog On Internet Security about how IAM can immediately and materially improve an organization’s security posture. Bohren also explains why organizations should require two-factor authentication for anyone logging on to a sensitive systems.

“We’re encouraging additional security to be put on top of the admin logins,” Bohren says. “In addition to having the user id and password, they also are going to need to have some kind of second factor authentication.”

Listen now!  https://www.lastwatchdog.com/podcast-how-identity-access-management-iam-authenticates-network-connections/


  • The database in which all of your organization’s sensitive identity data is stored.
  • A digital ledger in which digital transactions are recorded chronologically and publicly.
  • Securely managing customer identity and profile data, and controlling customer access to applications and services.
  • The means of linking a person's electronic identity and attributes, stored across multiple distinct identity management systems.
  • A legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the EU.
  • The policy-based centralized orchestration of user identity management and access control.
  • An authentication infrastructure that is built, hosted and managed by a third-party service provider.
  • A security system that requires more than one method of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify the user's identity for a login or other transaction.
  • A global provider of innovative and affordable identity access management solutions. 
  • Managing and auditing account and data access by privileged users.
  • Tools and technologies for controlling user access to critical information within an organization.
  • An authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials.

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