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why the optimal cloud whitepaper Usage of the cloud has become more and more prevalent, even for areas that were classically on premise deployments. For example, the cloud Identity as a Service (IDaaS) market has grown substantially over the last few years. A major reason for the cloud adoption is that organizations have started to understand the true costs of maintaining an on premise identity deployment. The OptimalCloud offers the best solution to businesses interested in deploying a Single Sign-On solution that is cost effective and provides the following benefits over a more costly on premise solution:

  • Low cost of personnel to deploy system due to outsourced management of cloud based service
  • 24/7/365 service experts to assist with any needs
  • Increased productivity at the business level due to little to no downtime of troubleshooting and debugging
  • Customized solution tailored to meet a customer’s specific needs

For more information on why the Optimal Cloud is the optimal choice when it comes to a cost effective Single Sign-On solution for your business, download our whitepaper today.



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