Optimal IdM Training

Optimal IdM Training

Optimal IdM’s training is a two day course that covers all aspects of deploying Optimal IdM’s solutions within the enterprise. The course is a mixture of instructor led PowerPoint discussions, white board sessions and hands on labs.

The course provides an overview of the basics of each of the components, covering key features and functionality and applying them to real-world scenarios. Attendees will learn how to install, configure and troubleshoot the solutions as well as have an understanding of best practices to follow.


The course covers the following items:

  • Virtual Identity Server (VIS)
  • VIS for SharePoint
  • VIS for FIM
  • VIS for ACM
  • LDAP Manager
  • VIS Claims Provider for SharePoint 2010
  • VIS Federation Services
  • VIS for Office 365
  • VIS Management Console

Two Day Virtual Identity Server Training Class
Number of Days: 2 Days
Pre-Requisites: Attendee should have the basic principals of identity management (LDAP, Federation, etc.)