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The pressure to provide a seamless digital experience for consumers is high, with 75 percent expecting a consistent experience across devices, from tablets to desktops. While the introduction of Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) seeks to deliver on those expectations, many companies are continuing to choose Identity and Access Management (IAM) because they give your company the tools and resources to drive the same outcome.

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Proper CIAM enables organizations to capture, identify, manage and secure customer identity and profile data as well as scale on-demand and control access to applications and services. Incorporate our customer identity and access management solutions into your company and utilize the following features:

  • Service management: With our customer IAM, your team of system administrators can focus on other priority tasks. Our staff will complete the installation and configuration of your solution, as well as monitor, update and maintain the system.
  • Seamless account access: No matter the market sector, all consumers want a hassle-free and convenient process when it comes to accessing their customer account. We ensure that’s what they receive by providing a single sign-on, which requires only one set of credentials.
  • 24/7 support: We offer your system administrators, as well as other members of your team, superior customer service and support from our knowledgeable staff throughout the year. Whether you have a question, concern or problem, you can contact our support team 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Multifactor authentication: For secure customer identity management solutions, security and simplicity are essential. By incorporating our multifactor authentication solutions into our customer identity and access management provision, we’ve provided for both necessities and made the experience of your customers seamless.
  • The Industry’s Only Non-Synchronizing Virtual Directory: This means you can have immediate, real-time access to customer identity data, no matter where that data exists, without setting up another disparate ‘master database.’ Store and access your customer identity information in whatever identity store you want—-e.g. SQL, multiple A.D. forests, ADLDS, ADAM, LDAP, etc. Our Virtual Directory will allow you (and/or your customers) immediate and safe access to query, find, and make changes to information directly. No data migration necessary.

Key Features to Consider


– A single point of Identity Policy Management allowing for unified access policies – A single point of logging and collection


– We have a cloud-based model for immediate capacity provisioning handling millions of AuthNs


– One of the only SaaS vendors that provide support for both encryption in transit and encryption at rest for our IDaaS/SaaS model

Key Features to Consider with Customer IAM


  • –    End-user self-service registration
  • –   Registration support via social profile logins, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google ID
  • –   Federate with trusted sources of other Identity Providers
  • –   Bulk import users from disconnected systems


  • –   SSO via Federation as IdP or SP/RP
  • –   Force MFA per application/service or based on risk factors (Risk-based authentication)


  • –   A single point to control access based on granular policies with nearly any user attribute or dynamic real-time application of policy

Benefits of CIAM


We provide your company with advanced security features to protect your company's employee data as well as your customer data.


Our customer identity and access management requires zero syncing, offers seamless user experiences and provides hassle-free implementations


Using a subscription model, you pay only for the number of servers and data centers your company utilizes, making our solutions a cost-effective choice.


With the comprehensive features of our secure customer identity management platform, it’s indicative of Gartner’s finding that:

“Through 2022, 70 percent of purchased CIAM solutions will come from vendors that also support workforce and B2B use cases, rather than CIAM specialists.”

Collaborating with your trusted partner for all your company’s identity and access needs streamlines your internal processes and eliminates the time and resource investment of requesting bids from other businesses.

Benefits of Optimal IdM Customer IAM

Bring our customer IAM into your workplace and utilize the following advantages to your benefit:

  • Secure: In a single second, a hacker can break a six-character password. We provide your company with advanced security features, including multifactor authentication to protect your company’s employee data as well as your customer data. For cloud-based systems, you can also trust that your information is stored separately and privately on a dedicated cloud server.
  • Fast: Every minute counts, which is why our customer identity and access management requires zero syncing, offers seamless user experiences and provides hassle-free implementations. In turn, your team can maximize their use of our secure CIAM solution to review and analyze customer behavior, as well as shape future marketing and communication initiatives.
  • Price: We consider your time as well as your funding when developing our personalized customer identity and access management solutions. That’s why we’ve adopted a subscription model, which allows us to avoid the expensive per-user model. Instead, you pay only for the number of servers and data centers your company utilizes, making our solutions a cost-effective choice.
  • Uptime: When every minute counts, you need a solution that offers reliability and stability. Optimal IdM provides that. In fact, we guarantee 99.9 percent uptime, which gives you the confidence in the performance and dependability of our fast and secure IAM. No matter the weather, day of the week or time of day, you can count on your operations remaining optimal.

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At Optimal IdM, we’re the trusted partner of Fortune 1000 companies, as well as federal, state and local government agencies across the globe. By delivering secure, stable and fast solutions that are also cost-effective, we’ve established ourselves as an industry leader in custom and compliant solutions that provide the results your company is after, such as optimal customer experiences and insights into your target audience. Contact Optimal IdM today to a schedule a free trial and see why customers have chosen Optimal IdM as their CIAM vendor of choice.


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