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Your organization needs to be mobile, agile and scalable — yet at the same time, your data has to be secure. Identity and access management products from Optimal IdM provide you with the powerful tools you need to control and monitor access to your data without compromising speed, performance, security or compliance. Our premiere IAM software solutions include:


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Leverage Identity Management Solutions to Boost Your Organization’s Advantage

Regardless of whether you’re a mid-sized business concerned about IAM security or a large organization looking for enterprise identity access management software solutions, we offer products and IAM services to keep your data secure. Here are just a few of the ways you can benefit from our solutions:

  • Security: Both on-site and cloud-based systems are at risk from hackers, who can hack a six-character password in under a second. Our identity and access management software provides advanced security features, including multi-factor authentication, that minimizes your risk. In addition, the OptimalCloud’s unique architecture ensures your data is kept separate, private and protected on your own dedicated cloud. That means your data is never mingled with data on other servers, reducing risk of a breach.
  • Scalability: Companies that are expanding and merging systems need room to grow. On legacy systems, IAM provisioning can become challenging due to system limitations. Our cloud-based Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) offering gives you ultimate scalability so you can add and remove users if necessary.
  • Speed: Time is money, and that’s why our identity and access management solutions are designed with speed in mind. They’re easy to implement, require no synching and offer fast, seamless use.
  • Managed Services: For optimal identity asset management convenience, we do all the installation, configuration, monitoring, updates and system maintenance for you. This frees up your system administrators up to concentrate on other activities.
  • Savings: Just like our products and services, our pricing is designed with the customer in mind. Instead of a costly per user fee, we charge based on how many servers and data centers you have. This makes our solutions highly affordable for most organizations.
  • Stability: We guarantee 99.9% uptime, giving you unparalleled stability so you never have to worry about downtime getting in the way of operations.


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At Optimal IdM, security is the bedrock of what we do.

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Identity Management Software that expands with you as your business grows.

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Enjoy all of the benefits of virtual desktops at a price you can afford.

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Why choose optimal idm?

  • Complete SSO into cloud and on-premise applications
  • Cloud-hosted identities
  • Complete IdM system with the option of defining users, groups and organizations
  • Customizable delegated administration
  • Users and delegated administrator attestation
  • Entitlement request and workflow approval
  • User self-service
  • User self-registration with approval
  • Complete multi-factor authorization options
  • Self-service password reset
  • Complete analytics and reporting
  • All federation protocols supported
  • Complete virtual directory in the cloud (with an LDAP and RESTful interface)
  • Fully customizable portal
  • Ability to integrate with any other federation solution

What Our IAM Solutions Customers Say At Optimal IdM, we strive to provide each client with the best possible experience and products. But don’t just take our word for it — read our customer testimonials, like this one from an Identity & Access Management Manager at an anonymous services corporation: “We couldn’t be more pleased with our overall experience with Optimal IdM as our identity and access management vendor. They truly go above and beyond to make sure that all of our needs are met, from sales and implementation to professional services, billing and support. I wish more vendors were as customer-oriented as Optimal IdM. ” Read All Testimonials

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