Enterprise identity management helps large organizations manage their contractors, employees and partners in one organized interface. With potentially thousands of users to track, and the average user accessing up to nine work apps in just one workday, keeping a close eye on this information and protecting it with evolving security measures is essential. Identity access management software can help your enterprise rise to the challenge of scaling your growing workplace.

Enterprise Cloud Identity Management Access

The main goal of enterprise identity access management is to create a data record that allows for easy management of a large body of users. With all your user data unified in one interface, your organization can increase productivity and tighten security measures. Identity access management should keep track of your user records, user identities, group and role memberships all in one place. A good identity management system unifies your directory systems without leaving a single piece of technology behind.

The sector of access management also specializes in user authentication and authorization. Basically, access management focuses on unifying security mechanisms for access points in systems like single sign-ins and multi-factor authentication, which allow your members to sign on with ease while giving them extra security protection.

Enterprise Identity Management Services 

Recent years have seen massive and rapid changes for businesses across the globe. Luckily, Optimal IdM can assist with many impactful challenges, such as:

1. Supporting remote employees: Navigating the rise of remote and hybrid workforces has been one of the biggest business challenges of recent years. Many employees have found they are more productive working from home and want to maintain a hybrid system in the future. Our multifaceted collaboration platform enables employers to keep their teams running smoothly while maintaining open, productive communication.

2. Managing an evolving workforce: Companies that can quickly adjust to new market conditions are more likely to succeed than ones that do not. From altering business models to learning what makes employees feel supported, our enterprise IAM solutions can aid in improving your business’s flexibility while helping you discover weak spots which may slow progress.

3. Cybersecurity: Businesses are attractive targets for hackers and other online threats. Your customers need to feel confident you have taken every possible precaution to keep their data safe. We offer an automated certificate lifestyle management platform to prevent website downtime and ensure your customers enjoy a secure, uninterrupted experience.

At Optimal IdM, we pride ourselves on combining superior customer service with innovation. We customize our enterprise identity management solution to meet your organization’s specific security and scalability needs while maintaining an affordable price. While most businesses offer one-size-fits-all solutions, we deliver what you need and can provide services exactly how you want them for an effective solution.


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The Benefits of Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication

Enterprise identity management software allows enterprises to boost their productivity and security drastically. The benefits of enterprise identity management software include the following:

A More Secure Workforce

Optimal IdM secures your data by giving you the powerful tools necessary to manage your member’s identities without compromising performance or speed. Our software brings your system up to date with the latest multi-factor authentication login operations, as well as securing your active directory with a robust LDAP Proxy Firewall. Your organization can increase productivity with our single point-of-view Virtual Identity Server (VIS) and user management with The OptimalCloud. Improve your security and let your IT department get back to focusing on more pressing matters for your company.

Increase Member Engagement

The increased organization and scalability of your data will encourage greater member engagement by eliminating hassle. Our single sign-on and cloud federated identity features help your members access all their accounts and apps easily and efficiently and never leave them frustrated and fumbling for lost passwords. Multi-factor authentication allows your members to use their mobile devices to unlock their accounts and reduces the chances of them getting locked out. With seamless account access and 24/7 support, no one will ever lose time due to sign-on access.

Unify Your Directory Systems 

Our VIS architecture allows you to unify your directories from multiple AD forests and domains in all one interface. Optimal IdM lets you seamlessly integrate your LDAP virtual directory servers, .net technology, VIS and Microsoft technology to produce an easily scalable virtual directory. With our unified directory solutions and cloud virtual servers, you’ll have unparalleled access to member data, login information and any recent changes members make.

The Only Identity Management Software You’ll Need  

Enterprise identity management software is an excellent tool for helping your business increase productivity while improving customer engagement. Optimal IdM provides solutions that offer:

– Lower costs without cutting security: Optimal IdM collects your information and places it into one program to enable you to experience greater security without needing multiple management solutions. Our unified member database and enterprise authentication services offer an ideal way to speed up operations while saving money. 

– Modernized solutions with the cloud: With our cloud-based solutions your company will be on the cutting edge of technology. Our software features quick identity verification and faster communication for greater collaboration and streamlined operations.

– Seamless database access: Consistent visibility across databases makes finding and targeting infiltration efforts easier to ensure your enterprise remains secure. Our enterprise identity management solutions keep your data safe in one database that easily scales with your business.



At Optimal IdM, security is the bedrock of what we do.

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Strategizing and Selecting the Right Enterprise Access Management Software

While enterprise identity management systems allow you to increase your productivity, security and customer engagement, you should still do extensive research before choosing which management software is right for your organization. The following are questions and considerations that you should investigate and address before choosing an enterprise identity management software:

  • Budgets: Costs add up quickly if you decide to employ several identity and access management solutions. Therefore, it’s best to choose a singular enterprise identity management solution that combines all your information into one program. Speed up your operations and save money with a unified member database.
  • Cloud-based technology: Today, the cloud enables enterprises to reach computational heights completely unparalleled to previous technology. Cloud-based technology allows for faster identity verifications, communications and collaborations. To elevate your enterprise identity management software in the 21st century, you should take advantage of cloud computing.
  • Consistency: With consistent visibility over your databases, it becomes easy to find and target infiltration efforts and keep your enterprise secure. Keep all your information in one easily scalable database with enterprise identity management.

Optimal IdM Enterprise Identity Access Management

Since 2005, Optimal IdM has focused our business on identity access management software, cloud services and consulting. Identity management is the core of our business, and we offer both on-premise and cloud-based management solutions. Our identity access management solutions feature the following components:

  • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS): Our ADFS systems can enable single sign-ons, multi-factor authentication and different authorizations.
  • Cloud federated identity and single sign-on: Make sign-ons simple with a single sign-on system that works with all of your applications, including third-party software.
  • Delegated administration and user management entitlements: Give your administrators complete user management control with our robust delegated administration identity management system, The OptimalCloud.
  • LDAP migrations: Our Virtual Identity Server allows you to unify and migrate your LDAP directories in one interface.
  • Multi-factor authentication: Secure your members’ information with an added layer of protection using multi-factor authentication.
  • Multi-forest active directory: View all of your LDAP directories in one place with our Virtual Identity Server, which has won the Best of Tech award for SharePoint and Office 365.
  • Securing active directories: We boost the protection of your active directories with our LDAP Proxy Firewall technology.

Our software helps to simplify your software environment and automates demanding processes to reduce business costs. From mitigating security risks to ensuring compliance, we design flexible and agile solutions to solve your complex problems.

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