Save money by only licensing what you need!

The Optimal License Management Assistant™ (OLMA) for Microsoft Azure/Office365 provides a centralized way to manage licenses for Azure AD services – including Office365 (exchange), SharePoint and OneDrive. OLMA shows you what licenses are assigned, being used, or not used, so you can remove unused licenses. This increases efficiency ensuring that you are only using resources needed by monitoring the usage of licenses, including which services are being used, by whom, and how often. This information can be used to optimize license allocation and reduce costs.

OLMA™ is a straightforward reporting tool that simplifies and organizes your licensing for Azure/Office 365 using an easy-to-use dashboard. Most organizations utilize Microsoft’s Azure and Office 365 products. However, what percentage of those companies are over licensed, where they are either licensing a user beyond what they are using, or worse, licensing a user that isn’t even using the license at all. OLMA solves these problems quickly and easily, instantly saving your organization time and money.

  • Only pay for licenses you need
  • Custom alerting for anomalies
  • Avoid overlapping and duplicate licenses
  • End-user license request and workflow
  • Average annual cost savings of 10%-20%
  • Charge back reporting
  • Seamless license management


Real Savings

Take for example a customer that has 10,000 users and are licensed based on Microsoft’s published pricing for E1-E5 licenses.

  • E1 = $10/user/month
  • E3 = $23/user/month
  • E5 = $38/user/month

If 1,000 of the E3 licensed users could be migrated to an E1 license, based on their product usage as reported by OLMA, that would save the organization $13,000 per month or $156,000 per year.

If 100 E5 users could be migrated to an E3 license instead, that would save the organization $1,500 per month or $18,000 per year. 

If 100 E3 users (contractors) that are no longer active, have the license removed, that would save the organization $2,300 per month or $27,600 per year.

Total annual cost savings $201,600

License Usage

OLMA’s™ dashboard can quickly surface data on what licenses are being used or not used and even when it was last used. Allowing you to remove licenses if they are no longer needed.

License Type

OLMA’s™ dashboard can show you which users have which license type. For example, if you have a user that is only using the web or mobile apps, but they are licensed for the full client, then you are overpaying. 

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