Optimal IdM believes that quite simply the cost of other cloud-based single sign-on vendors is too high. Our view is to “Just say NO to expensive SSO.” Many vendors charge between $5 to $10 per user / per month depending on the level of service needed. Why do other cloud single sign on solution providers charge so much? They have to. Many of them have taken in massive amounts of venture capital money and have extremely high overhead.

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Optimal IdM’s SSO Authentication Solution

As part of our OptimalCloud™ platform, the Optimal IdM SSO Authentication solution offers a flat monthly charge for each user or it can be based on the number of data center locations required for the customer. With that information, we know our costs and can quote you an accurate, and more importantly, affordable cloud-based SSO solution. In addition, the OptimalCloud platform provides custom enterprise SSO solutions that can be customized to each business’s unique needs.

Single Sign-On (SSO) with The OptimalCloud

With one click on the OptimalCloud, users have access to all of their applications. Whether on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, Optimal IdM’s single sign-on authentication solution gives your users quick and easy access to all of their applications. Below are some of the robust features that make the OptimalCloud a comprehensive, affordable single sign-on solution:

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Secure One-Click Access To All Apps:

The OptimalCloud’s single sign-on functionality gives user’s one-click access from desktops, smartphones or tablets, to all of their applications in the cloud. The OptimalCloud also provides adaptive multi-factor authentication to ensure that sensitive data is only accessible to authorized users. You can use Optimal’s own SMS implementation, or use any standard multi-factor solution such as SecurID, Safenet, etc.

Multiple Logins

Our single sign-on technology gives you the flexibility to create multiple logins to the same application. This allows you to seamlessly authenticate to Twitter, for example, with more than one account.


Desktop Single Sign-On (SSO)

Desktop single sign-on allows users who are already signed into their corporate Windows domain to automatically sign into the OptimalCloud™ using Integrated Windows Authentication. Users can then access the application(s) they need without being prompted for credentials.

Agentless B2B Desktop Single Sign-On (DSSO)

The OptimalCloud Agentless B2B Desktop Single Sign-On allows a customer’s third-party, vendors to authenticate back to their network using the Kerberos computer network authentication protocol. Using the OptimalCloud Agentless B2B DSSO feature, an agent doing Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) within each active directory forest is not necessary. This reduces maintenance and increases security as the OptimalCloud orchestrates the Kerberos validation. While other DSSO services only authenticate their customers, the OptimalCloud Agentless B2B DSSO feature allows a customer’s vendors to do Kerberos authentication to their OptimalCloud deployment.

The OptimalCloud Agentless B2B DSSO agent automatically authenticates users when they sign into a customer’s Windows network. After authentication, users gain access to any approved applications without having to remember or enter multiple usernames or passwords. DSSO improves the user experience because users only need to sign in one time and do not need separate credentials for each application they access through the OptimalCloud.

The Kerberos authentication protocol works over a non-secure network by requiring both the user and the server to verify each other’s identity using a ticket system. The OptimalCloud acts as a trusted third party between the user and server.

External/Deep Linking

Whether an application is launched from an outside source — such as a link in an email, browser bookmark or meeting invite — The OptimalCloud still allows for one-click, secure access. If the application supports it, the OptimalCloud will automatically redirect the browser directly to the deep link.


The OptimalCloud supports all of the common federation protocols, such as SAML, WS-Federation, WS-Trust, Shibboleth, OAuth 2.0 , Open ID Connect.


Is there something you don’t see in our service?  Is there a customization that you would like?  Just ask.  If we can reasonably do it, we will. Custom SSO is just one part of the Optimal Difference philosophy. Your cloud – Your way.


The industry is shifting to adopt Federation and more and more applications support standards based SAML Federation.  What do you do if you still have non-Federation aware applications?  The OptimalCloud handles this as well, making these non-Federated applications become Federation aware.  This provides simple and secure single sign-on to all third party applications.

More Features


The OptimalCloud’s single sign-on service allows you to share logins with multiple users without having to give out a password. Your staff can authenticate to your corporate Facebook or Twitter account without being prompted for credentials. An additional benefit is that your staff doesn’t need to know the password to these services.


In broker mode users instantly have access to the applications you specify. No need for a synch. If you are in hybrid mode, the OptimalCloud’s auto synch feature automatically synchs your on premise users to the cloud. Using our included Virtual Identity Server, you can decide what users and groups move to the cloud.


The OptimalCloud has the unique capability of offering you a customizable home realm discovery process to meet your requirements. You simply provide us with the custom rules and how you would like home realm to work and our experts configure your cloud the way you want it.

Benefits of Single Sign-On


Fewer Inquiries About Passwords & Access Control


Less Time Spent Logging Into Different Systems & Applications


Fewer Login Credentials To Be Created

What is Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a form of access control that links multiple independent software systems allowing users to login once and gain access to all systems and applications without being prompted to login again. Single Sign-On is generally achieved by using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and storing authentication tokens in LDAP directories and databases. Integration with software systems and third-party applications allows for seamless, secure one-login access. Single Sign-On can be implemented via a cloud, on-premise, or hybrid solution. 

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Why Customer’s Choose Optimal IdM as Their Cloud SSO Provider

The OptimalCloud offers the best to businesses interested in deploying a Single Sign-On solution that is cost effective and provides the following benefits over a more costly on premise SSO solution:

  • Low cost of personnel to deploy system due to outsourced management of cloud based service
  • 24/7/365 service experts to assist with any needs
  • Increased productivity at the business level due to little to no downtime of troubleshooting and debugging
  • Customized solution tailored to meet a customer’s specific needs

For more information on why the OptimalCloud is the optimal choice when it comes to a cost effective Single Sign-On solution for your business, download our whitepaper today.

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