IAM Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations are responsible for protecting the most valuable data on the dark web: protected health information (PHI). PHI brings in ten times the price of financial data on the black market, and that makes every healthcare organization, from solo practitioner to national hospital network, a particularly attractive target for criminals.

And often, the criminals aren’t strangers. Healthcare organizations experience attacks launched by their own employees and business associates at a rate 5 times greater than other high-value targets, such as financial institutions.

The foundation of any healthcare organization’s security efforts needs to be identity and access management (IAM). IAM prevents the wrong people from accessing PHI and the right people from leaking PHI by accident. A sound IAM solution will also reduce costs, improve security, reduce help desk calls and improve user experience when gaining access to critical information and services.

Whether a healthcare organization keeps its data in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment, its IAM solution needs to be seamless, secure, and scalable. Optimal IdM helps healthcare organizations protect member portals and provider portals so they can continue to operate securely in a connected world.

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SSO lowers expenses

Increase Productivity & Lower IT Expense with Single Sign-On (SSO)

With SSO, users can use one set of credentials to log into all of their employer’s systems. Users are saved from having to remember multiple sets of credentials, and the IT desk is saved from hours of work resetting passwords each day. Because users don’t have to remember passwords, they also don’t have to write them on paper or share them with coworkers, and that reduces the chances of an insider attack. Learn more



Strengthen Security & Control Vendor Access with Multi-Factor Authentication & Federated Identity

Business associates and patients also need access to a healthcare organization’s systems. Federated identity lets a user log into the systems of multiple organizations with one set of credentials. Optimal IdM’s Federated Identity solution supports multi-factor authentication and authorization in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is not a mandatory requirement today, but it will be in impending updates, and healthcare organizations are encouraged by NIST and PCI SSC guidance to start implementing MFA now.

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Security benefits of SSO for healthcare



MFA for healthcare

Authenticate Users in On-Site or Remote Locations with Multi-Forest Active Directory

Multi-Forest Active Directory gives healthcare organizations a single real-time view of identity data from any data store. Healthcare organizations can authenticate users coming from their own organizations, their vendor’s locations, or their patients’ homes or phones.

Optimal IdM’s Multi-Forest Active Directory solution is driven by our Virtual Identity Server (VIS). VIS simplifies identity management and gives greater control over which accounts can connect, bind, and search the LDAP directory.

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Take Control & Gain Visibility Into User Actions with User Management & Customer Entitlements

The OptimalCloud gives administrators a complete user management system that includes a custom entitlements engine and self-service administration capabilities. Administrators can also log user activities, monitor accounts, and employ a robust Delegated Administrative Identity Management system to grant user privileges across multiple organizations.

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User Actions with User Management & Customer Entitlements



Active Directory Federation Services for Healthcare


Seamlessly Manage Users Across Thousands of Organizations with Active Directory Federation Services

Active Directory Federation Services (AFDS) provide seamless, secure access to thousands of applications through a single sign-on. Optimal IdM’s AFDS is integrated with our Virtual Identity Server (VIS) and enables multi-factor authentication and authorization from any data store.

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Increase Organizational Agility & Scalability with LDAP Migrations

Healthcare organizations need to be move quickly today, but many are held back by outdated technology that can’t keep up with their operational and security needs. Migrating data from one LDAP to another can be so difficult that organizations often choose to limp along with their legacy systems rather than risk the pain and expense of a migration.

Optimal IdM’s Virtual Identity Server (VIS) easily solves this problem by emulating the old LDAP platform while proxying requests to the new LDAP environment. VIS can also make a seamless transition from an obsolete and no longer supported virtual directory.

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Increase Organizational Agility & Scalability with LDAP Migrations


Top Ten Healthcare Solution for Authorization and AuthenticationTop Ten Healthcare Solution for Authorization and Authentication

Black Book Market Research released results from their crowdsourced client experience survey on Authorization and Authentication Solutions for the healthcare industry naming Optimal IdM as top ten provider.

Secure Your Active Directory


Secure Your Active Directory

Healthcare organizations can deploy Optimal IdM’s Virtual Identity Server (VIS) as an LDAP proxy firewall to protect PHI data stored in the active directory. The resulting environment is not only more secure, but is also more robust due to additional performance capabilities. .

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