Manufacturers run complicated networks that connect their businesses to the farthest-flung corners of the world via supply chain systems. At the same time, they need to scale their workforces to align with demand and allow access to workers in remote locations. Traditional password management tools are not up to the job of keeping out unwanted users. Optimal IdM gives manufacturers need an easy way to control who can access their systems and what those users can do once inside. Whether a business is run in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment, Optimal IdM has an answer that is seamless, scalable, and secure.

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Increase Productivity & Cust Costs

Users Are More Productive & IT Costs Are Lower with Single Sign-On

Users can use SSO to log into multiple systems with a single set of credentials. Their productivity is improved because they’re not dealing with the delays and frustration of forgotten passwords, and IT costs are reduced because support technicians aren’t spending hours each day resetting passwords. With just one set of credentials to remember, workers don’t resort to writing down or sharing passwords, so security is improved throughout the organization. Learn more

Increase Security for Remote Employees

Remote employees & vendors can log in securely with Multi-Factor Authentication & Federated Identity.

Employees and supply chain partners also need access to a manufacturer’s systems. Federated identity works like SSO, but it extends the ease of using one set of credentials across multiple organizations. Optimal IdM offers a Federated Identity solution that supports multi-factor authentication and authorization in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment. Learn more

Authenticate Identity From Anywhere

Authenticate Identity From Anywhere with Multi-Forest Active Directory

Multi-Forest Active Directory offers enterprises a single real-time view of identity data from any data store. Users can be automatically authenticated, whether they’re working from inside the business, at a remote facility, or from a supply chain partner’s network. Optimal IdM’s Multi-Forest Active Directory solution is driven by our proprietary technology, Virtual Identity Server (VIS). VIS simplifies identity management and gives greater control over which accounts can connect, bind, and search the LDAP directory. Learn more

Seamless Management with AFDS

Administrators can manage users seamlessly across thousands of organizations with Active Directory Federation Services (AFDS).

  Active Directory Federation Services provide seamless, secure access to thousands of applications through a single sign-on. Optimal IdM’s AFDS integrates with our Virtual Identity Server (VIS) to enable multi-factor authentication and authorization from any data store. Learn more

Make Decisions Based on Strategy, not legacy, with LDAP Migrations

Manufacturers can be held back by legacy technology that is no longer a good fit. But moving data from one LDAP to another can be so complicated that enterprises just avoid it entirely, preferring to cope with their outdated systems instead of taking on the risk and expense of a migration. Optimal IdM’s Virtual Identity Server (VIS) easily solves this problem by emulating the old LDAP platform while proxying requests to the new LDAP environment. VIS can also make a seamless transition from an obsolete and no longer supported virtual directory. Learn more

User Management & Customer Entitlements

Administrators can see & control user activities with User Management & Customer Entitlements.

OptimalCloud makes administrators’ jobs easy with a complete user management system. The system includes a custom entitlements engine and self-service administration capabilities, as well as the ability to log user activities and monitor accounts. A robust Delegated Administrative Identity Management system grants user privileges across the supply chain.   Learn more

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