State Department of Employment Security to Deploy The OptimalCloud for Single Sign-On into New Cloud Based Unemployment Application After months of research and comparison between big name solution providers, a state Department of Employment Security has selected The OptimalCloud as the best solution to provide delegated administration, workflow capabilities and single sign-on access to a new cloud based unemployment application.

The state DES needed a solution to provide delegated administration, workflow capabilities and single sign-on access to a new cloud based unemployment application, which uses SAML2.0.


The OptimalCloud will be providing access to the the unemployment application for 3 main types of users.

  • DES staff – We will authenticate them locally to their Active Directory.
  • Employers – Each employer within the State (around 200,000) will be imported as organizations within our system.  A key contact which will be the initial delegated administrator (Del Admin) and will be imported as a user and linked to the organization.  Our system will then send an automated email to each of these Del Admins with a link to the self-registration page. They will self-register and via our built-in workflow will have their account approved by DES staff. Del Admins can then invite other users at their organization via self-registration and approve those other accounts within that employer. A Del Admin can manage all of the accounts for that organization, adding, deleting, sending one-time password re-sets, etc.
  • Citizens – Citizens will be authenticated by the OptimalCloud via  social media (Google, Facebook, etc,) but will be further vetted by SCUBI using a system they have to vet the identities. Citizens login to the app to open unemployment claims on behalf of the organization that they formally worked for.


  • Private, Secure and Dedicated Cloud – They looked at other vendors such as Okta, Ping and OneLogin but they did not offer the capabilities that DES required.  Additionally, they did not want a public shared cloud.  Security, auditing and controls are very important to them.
  • Cost – Our easy, flat monthly fee was not only more affordable than the public non-dedicated cloud offerings, but also allowed for them to easily obtain budgeting approval as costs were known and fixed.
  • Complete Identity Management and workflow – The other vendors provided very little beyond SSO.  The OptimalCloud has complete identity management with complete delegated administration and workflow capabilities.  We easily showed DES that we could meet their requirements with very simple configurations of our out-of-the-box capabilities via our concierge, “zero config” service without having to involve DES staff.
  • Complete Auditing and Cloud Reporting – A key requirement for DES is audit and compliance.  Our built-in (recently released) cloud reporting system provides DES with the real-time and historical audit record of all activity.  Their administrators can access these summary and detailed reports from any web browser to gain not only summary statistics but also the granular detailed needed about a particular user.  As with our entire cloud, this is a dedicated private database for DES only.

Simply put the other vendors could not deliver what they required for a cloud based solution.

The Optimal Cloud will be customized and deployed within the next few months and will serve as the framework for all future DES applications in this state moving forward as well.