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Extending Office 365 with powerful multi-forest, multi-platform, two-factor authentication and Denial of Service prevention/detection capabilities.

Extending Office 365

The Virtual Identity Server is Extending Office 365 with powerful multi-forest, multi-platform, two-factor authentication and Denial of Service prevention/detection capabilities.


Screenshot_24Microsoft’s Office 365 allows you access to cloud-based email, web conferencing, file sharing and Office applications for a flat monthly cost, eliminating the need for on-premise servers to provide this functionality.

For many enterprises, the move to the cloud is a slow and difficult process taking months to complete. There are many barriers to Office 365 adoption, particularly for organizations working in multi-forest Active Directory environments. VIS makes Active Directory integration for Office 365 easy, providing rapid cloud deployment and  slashing implementation times from multiple months to days.

Whether you have multiple Active Directory (AD) Forests or use a directory such as Novell’s e-Directory, VIS for Office 365 can quickly and easily take your users to the cloud wherever they reside. VIS for Office 365 is a complete end-to-end solution for synching users/groups, filtering or translating data as it is synched (and during authentication), and implementing complete audit logging and denial of service (DoS) capabilities.

VIS for Office 365’s federation components provide out of the box two-factor, claims-based authentication to Office 365. They also provide customers who otherwise couldn’t go to the cloud (e.g. eDirectory or multi-forest users) a fast and easy path for doing so, with point and click wizard interfaces.

VIS for Office 365 also supports customers with either non-routable domains for a User Principal Name such as JoeUser@Optimal.local or multiple UPN suffixes. VIS for Office 365 handles this on-the-fly by translating on the out-bound synch and as the user authenticates to Office 365, with no data changes required in Active Directory.

Get to the cloud faster, with additional features and functionality with VIS’ Office 365 federation services.


Increased Security and Control

Meet Audit and Compliance Initiatives

[wpex more= “Read more” less= “Read less”] By creating a claims-based Windows identity, Virtual Identity Server for Office 365 can help you answer questions such as: – Who has logged in and when? – What changes were made to data and when? – Who was added to the Administrators group today? [/wpex]

Eliminate Deployment Barriers

[wpex more= “Read more” less= “Read less”]The Virtual Identity Server provides an enhanced application environment. VIS allows organizations to rapidly and easily deploy applications to users existing in multiple Active Directory forests or directories. – The VIS Schema Manager™ eliminates the need to extend the Active Directory schema for third party LDAP applications. – VIS allows you to rapidly deploy applications to users existing in multiple Active Directory Forests without any forest trusts. – VIS simplifies your identity management deployment by accessing data at its source directly. – VIS provides multiple views of data, allowing for easy discreet application views of enterprise data. [/wpex]

Reduced IT Costs

[wpex more= “Read more” less= “Read less”]Virtual Identity Server increases the value of your existing Microsoft environment. When used in a multi-forest Office 365 environment, VIS: – Leverages the existing investment in Microsoft technology, extending it with increased functionality. – Is developed in .NET technology and is designed to seamless integrate with your Microsoft environment. – Is a platform that continues to grow with an organization’s needs. – Has proven solutions for Microsoft applications such as SharePoint and MIIS/ILM. [/wpex]

Product Awards

Winner: Best of Tech Ed 2013 (Cloud Computing)



Does VIS support Kerberos and/or NTLM/Negotiate authentications?

faq-imageYes, VIS supports Kerberos, NTLM and Negotiate as authentication options on both the listing side as well as the back-end connection sides.

Can I get a demo/evaluation version of VIS?

Yes. Please fill out a demo form with your contact information.

What data stores can the Virtual Identity Server connect to?

The Virtual Identity Server supports a number of data stores directly with out of the box adapters. Additionally, a customer or integrator can create adapters utilizing our built-in extensibility.

Is your product FIPS compliant?

Yes. Our software is running in both non-secure and secure government networks.