Due to the size of small and medium businesses, many owners assume that their identity access management (IAM) information is relatively safe. However, many cybersecurity attacks still target small businesses, meaning identity access management is essential to improving your company’s security and protecting your employees’ identities. Through identity access management, small businesses can improve their productivity and security by unifying their employees’ access information into one easily scalable interface.

What Is Small Business Identity Access Management?

Small business identity access management software creates a scalable database of user information all in one place so your business can keep better track of your user records and user roles. With the right identity access management software for your business, you can unify all your directory systems so that no technology, new or old, is left behind.

Identity access management also increases your business’s security through features such as multi-factor authentication and single sign-ons. By automating the sign-on and authentication process, you can improve your business’s productivity by freeing up time that IT services usually spend on matters like password resetting and other login issues.

SMBs Face Greatest Security Risk

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The Benefits of Small Business IAM Software

Small business identity access management software allows your business to reap the following benefits:

Improve Password Security

As the number of applications and sites we have to log into increases, it becomes drastically more difficult to protect your employees’ password security and create new and secure passwords. You can increase your security and make logins easier with a single sign-on for small businesses that use only one set of credentials across multiple sites and applications. Many business identity access management software even works with third-party applications and websites.

Keep Sensitive Data Secure

Identity access management software keeps your sensitive data secure through using methods such as robust LDAP Proxy Firewalls. It has also become the security gold standard to ensure that all of your employees’ passwords are protected using two-factor authentication at a minimum, and many identity access management software solutions offer multi-factor authentication. By allowing your employees to log in to their work systems using their phones or devices as authentication, you can make logging in both easier and more secure.

Increase Your IT Staff’s Productivity

If you run a small business, your IT security teams may spend hours working on password management and resets every week. That’s a large amount of valuable time that your tech team could spend assisting your business in other ways. Identity access management software allows small businesses to take some tasks off their IT team’s plate and allow for both easier and more secure password management. Single sign-on solutions and multi-factor identification make logins easier and increase your IT staff’s productivity since they won’t have to deal with password breaches due to weak or reused passwords.



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Finding the Right Identity Management Software for Your Small Business

Before choosing the right identity management software for your business, you must perform extensive research on which software has the right features for your organization. You should investigate the following considerations and features before choosing a business identity management software:

  • Cloud-based technology: While many small businesses already use cloud-based identity management solutions, the number of companies adopting cloud-based technology will likely skyrocket in the next few years. With cloud technology, your business can perform technological feats that are unparalleled compared to the technology that’s come beforehand. Increase your productivity all-around your business with cloud-based identity management technology.
  • Budgets: Investing in multiple identity management protection measures can add up quickly and become cost-prohibitive. To get the most comprehensive coverage at the most cost-effective price point, make sure your identity management system unifies your existing digital infrastructure into one easy-to-use interface.
  • Consistent updates: For identity management software to protect your information, it needs to be consistently updated and on the lookout for potential security breaches. Make sure the identity management software consistently protects your data and keeps up with evolving threats.

Identity and Access Management for Small Businesses From Optimal IdM

At Optimal IdM, we have more than 15 years of experience refining our identity access management solutions and providing our customers with training and consulting services. Comprehensive identity management solutions are the core of what we do, and we’re dedicated to creating a solution that can unify all of your employees’ information into one scalable infrastructure. We design cloud-based and on-premise identity management solutions with the following features:

  • Single sign-on and cloud federated identity management: By employing a single sign-on system, you can eliminate hassle, increase security and help your IT department focus on more pressing matters than password management.
  • User management entitlement and delegated administration: Through our OptimalCloud, you can give your administrators complete control over user management and easily update permissions.
  • Active Directory Federation Services: Our ADFS systems give you the power to enable multi-factor authentication and single sign-ons with ease.
  • Multi-factor authentications: Give your information an extra layer of protection and make employee logins easier than ever with multi-factor authentications.
  • LDAP migrations: Create a scalable identity management database by migrating and unifying your LDAP directories into one simple interface.
  • Multi-forest active directory: Our multi-forest active directors help you view all your LDAP directories in one program with our award-winning Virtual Identity Server.
  • Securing active directories: Protect your active directories with the help of our secure LDAP Proxy Firewalls.

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Protect Your Information With Optimal IdM Identity Access Solutions

Optimal IdM has been helping businesses protect their employee’s data for more than 15 years. We have the experience necessary to rise to ever-evolving security threats and will help you drastically improve your defense system. Our Identity Management solutions do more than just protect your business. They improve your productivity, make logins easier and give your IT department more time to focus on the things that matter.

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