Until now, it has been a difficult task to setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for server access, whether direct access through the console or via remote-desktop (RDP).  However, with the Optimal GINA™ Plugin, for pGina, you can enforce MFA requirements for all server access.

What is pGina?

pGina is a flexible replacement for the default Windows credential provider (or GINA – Graphical Identification and Authentication library). The “p” represents “plugins”. pGina provides an authentication and authorization framework which supports plugins (e.g. the Optimal GINA Plugin), which extend the capabilities of the default credential provider.

pGina and Multi-Factor Authentication

Plugins are written in managed code and allow for user authentication, authorization and session management. The end result is that you, the administrator, can choose how your users are authenticated, authorized and managed. The Optimal GINA Plugin extends the pGina framework, allowing administrators to require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for server access.

Benefits of Using the Optimal GINA Plugin

For security reasons access to Windows Servers, whether in a local data-center or cloud-based, should always require multi-factor authentication (MFA).  The Optimal GINA Plugin along with the Optimal Authentication Service, offers a flexible and secure solution for securing access to Windows servers with state-of-the-art MFA technology, leveraging the user’s mobile device and PUSH notification technology.  Accounts are easily managed in The OptimalCloud™. The Optimal GINA Plugin also provides the ability to map cloud groups to local server/domain groups for authorization purposes on-the-fly when a user logs in.  Furthermore, the Optimal GINA Plugin can also be configured to dynamically create user accounts locally when the user logs into the server, and optionally deleted their account when they log out.  This dynamic provisioning and de-provisioning can be used to provide an extra level of security, as users will never have a permanent local server account.

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