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The Benefits and Risks of IDaaS

While more companies are opting for quality cloud-based identity and access management (IAM), identity as a service, or IDaaS, is not for every company. There are many benefits of IDaaS, but they come with risks as well, which is why it is so important to find the right company to handle your IDaaS needs.

Benefits of IDaaS

There are a number of positives to IDaaS, including the savings and efficiency of accessing services in demand. Not having to create your own in-house infrastructure for identity management means you don’t incur development or storage costs or give up valuable time setting up these systems. You will also probably have access to more features than you would if you tried setting IAM up in-house, and you will have more integration options with a cloud-based identity as a service solution.

Risks of IDaaS

Although easily avoidable, one of the big negatives of IDaaS that many companies anticipate is the danger of having to outsource critical functions. Once you send your identity management service requirements to the cloud, they are outside your company firewall, and critical functions of your business are exposed to the internet. You must be sure your data and systems remain safe if you are going to use an IDaaS system.

Optimal IdM Is the Solution

Optimal IdM identity authentication as a service is the perfect solution. We offer a federated cloud service with multifactor and mobile authentication and standard secure protocols. Because there is no syncing required, you do not need any cloud storage, so your data is not sitting on the cloud for a third party to intercept. You get all the benefits of IDaaS without some of the vulnerabilities you will get with other identity access management services with cloud storage. To learn more, request a free trial of our service today.

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