Single Sign-On (SSO)

Get Simple, seamless and secure Single Sign On (SSO) with The OptimalCloud

With one click users have access to all of their applications, both in the cloud as well as on premise. Whether on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, Optimal IdM’s single sign-on authentication solution gives your users quick and easy access to all of their applications. Below are some of the robust features that make the OptimalCloud a comprehensive, affordable single sign-on solution:

Secure One-Click Access to all Appslock-graphic

The OptimalCloud’s single sign-on functionality gives user’s one-click access from desktops, smartphones or tablets, to all of their applications whether on premise or in the cloud. The OptimalCloud also provides multi-factor authentication to insure that sensitive data is only accessible to authorized users. You can use Optimal’s own SMS implementation, or use any standard multi-factor solution such as SecurID, Safenet, etc.

Multiple Logins

Our single sign-on technology gives you the flexibility to create multiple logins to the same application. This allows you to seamlessly authenticate to Twitter, for example, with more than one account.

Desktop Single Sign-On (SSO)

Desktop single sign-on allows users who are already signed into their corporate Windows domain to automatically be signed into OptimalCloud using Integrated Windows Authentication. Users can then access the application(s) they need without being prompted for credentials.

External/Deep Linking

Whether an application is launched from an outside source — such as a link in an email, browser bookmark or meeting invite — The OptimalCloud still allows for one-click, secure access. If the application supports it, The OptimalCloud will automatically redirect the browser directly to the deep link.

Federation Standards

The OptimalCloud supports all of the common federation protocols, such as SAML, WS-Federation, WS-Trust, Shibboleth, OAuth 2.0 , Open ID Connect.

Customizable Service

 Is there something you don’t see in our service?  Is there a customization that you would like?  Just ask.  If we can reasonably do it, we will. Custom SSO is just one part of the Optimal Difference. Your cloud – Your way.

business-meetingNon-Federated Applications

The industry is shifting to adopt Federation and more and more applications support standards based SAML Federation.  What do you do if you still have non Federation aware applications?  The OptimalCloud handles this as well, making these non-Federated applications become Federation aware.  This provides simple and secure single sign-on to all third party applications.

Shared Logins/Impersonation

The OptimalCloud’s private cloud single sign-on service allows you to share logins with multiple users without having to give out a password. Your staff can authenticate to your corporate Facebook or Twitter account without being prompted for credentials. An additional benefit is that your staff does need not know the password to these services.

Turnkey New User Activation

In broker mode users instantly have access to the applications you specify.  No need for a synch.  If you are in hybrid mode, The OptimalCloud’s auto synch feature automatically synchs your on premise users to the cloud.  Using our included Virtual Identity Server, you can decide what users and groups move to the cloud.

Custom Home Realm Discovery

The OptimalCloud has the unique capability of offering you a customizable home realm discovery process to meet your requirements. You simply provide us with the custom rules and how you would like home realm to work and our experts configure your cloud the way you want it.

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