With the Optimal Cloud

Data is auditable and trackable.

custom-reportThis provides you with a complete centralized audit trail of all user/group management and application activity. The OptimalCloud includes dozens of reports that provide both high level dashboard metrics as well as detailed audit reports.

Centralized Audit Trail 

The OptimalCloud tracks and audits all activity. For example, we track failed and successful authentications, all SSO events, all application access, etc.  You can easily see who authenticated, when and to what application.  Reports can be easily filtered to provide the exact data you are looking for.  For example, you can run a report for a given user over the past 30 days, to see exactly what that user has done.

cloud-reportCustom Reports

The standard reports included allow you to slice and dice the information the way you want it.  Want a pie chart instead of a bar chart?  Easy, just select it from the menu.  Want to drill into a specific application or user?  Easy, just filter it using drop down menus.

Cloud Reports 

The OptimalCloud includes dozens of reports, already built and ready to run.  There are dashboard reports that present high level metrics such as application usage over time, or authentication failures over a period of time.  The data is real-time, so you can use the reports to monitor current activity or use for auditing past usage.

 Export the data

The OptimalCloud’s reporting system even gives you the capability to export the data to CSV, Excel, PDF, an image, or even HTML. You can use this export for use as an audit back up or even importing into another log system.



 Any Device

All of the reports are designed to work on any device, so whether you want to review a report on your laptop browser or with your tablet or smart phone. Get the report you want now, on any device.

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