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101 Uses for a Virtual-Directory-v3Your corporate directory services and individual application identity pools are fragmented and sprawled throughout your enterprise. Each directory needs maintenance and probably a lot of clean up. Unfortunately, there is little time for such efforts. Consolidation of these fragmented identity services often takes many man-years of effort, costly consulting services, temporary software migration tools and the result is rarely the clean, pristine environment envisioned.

What if there were a way to ‘join’ all of these directory services, virtually, into a single view, without consolidation, without creating another database or pushing and pulling directory identity data back and forth across the network in a never-ending process of synchronization. What if you could use a single interface to maintain a single entity (logon) across all connected disparate directory services – including hundreds of Active Directory (A.D.) forests. Wouldn’t be ideal to set, audit and maintain a single security policy for authentication (AuthN) and access, in real time, in one place? Further, what if you could view and manage all Active Directory forests in a single console – along with SQL identity tables, and thousands of legacy identity application pools of disconnected identity stores. This would require a virtual directory.

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