Video Optimal People Picker for SharePoint

Optimal People Picker Overview (8 minutes)
Provides an overview of the Optimal People Picker

video bridging the protocol gap in cloud identity services

Video Webinar: Bridging The Protocol Gap On Cloud Identity Projects

(40 minutes 50 seconds) Webinar: Bridging The Protocol Gap On Cloud Identity Projects (40 minutes 50 seconds) Bridging the divide between newer authorization and federation protocols such as OAuth2 and OpenID Connect and connecting to older federation protocols such as SAML2 and WS-Federation presents some unique challenges. We will discuss those challenges and look at some practical, real world solutions. Various web applications, thick clients, and web services will be reviewed. This technical presentation will cover: Origin of protocols and when to use them Best options to use with mobile apps How to deal with situations outside of specifications Security concerns to consider

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